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Drug Free Pain Relief
The Truth about How to Avoid Pain even if You've Tried Other Methods!
Suzanne McTier-Browne (Author) RRP A$29.95 P/B
Publisher: Global Publishing Group
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Pub Date: 20180301
BIC: VF ISBN: 9781925288452
Category: Family & health Availability: 1-99
You've Tried Everything! Now Are You Ready To Learn How To Live Pain Free?
Dealing with pain can be distressing and depressing but now is the time for YOU to take charge! This book is full of practical information and resources to help anyone who is suffering from back and neck pain, headaches, muscle and joint pain, sports injuries, stress etc. For those of you not in pain now, but have been in the past and definitely don't want it back again - this book is also for you!
At the age of 22, International Author and Natural Therapist Suzanne McTier-Browne was diagnosed with fast progressing MS and given less than a year to live. In excruciating pain and with her mobility quickly deteriorating, Suzanne's own investigations gave her the tools which helped her fully recover and now help her clients deal with a variety of pain conditions. This ultimate guide can help you take back control of your life and live pain free!
You'll Discover:
- Natural and non-invasive techniques to help free yourself from pain
- Body alignment tips crucial to relieving your pain plus helping you move and feel better
- The Golden Health Rules you should know to improve your life and support your recovery
- Easy and practical ways to handle your physical and emotional STRESS
- Simple exercises and stretches you can do at home
- How to avoid aggravating your pain
- Case studies from real people who have used these techniques to relieve their pain and improve their quality of life
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