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1001 eBay Success Secrets
Secrets Exposed from eBay Millionaires
Matt Clarkson (Author), Amanda Clarkson (Author) RRP A$24.95 P/B
Publisher: Global Publishing Group
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Pub Date: 20110801
BIC: KJE ISBN: 9781921630613
Category: E-commerce: business aspects Availability: Out of Print
Finally... The Top Secrets & Strategies of eBay Millionaires Revealed!
In this book Matt and Amanda reveal their 1001 eBay Success Secrets that saw them go from broke to eBay Millionaires within two years. Their hugely successful, mostly automated eBay business, has given them the freedom to travel the world to inspire & help others who want to live the eBay dream life-style too. They and many others continue to live by the success secrets shared in this book every day. This new edition has been reformatted and repackaged in bright new eBay colours.
To get the most out of this book, keep it close and handy for those moments when you need guidance, answers, tips & inspiration from those who have blazed the trail before you and succeeded.
Inside they reveal:
- Hot tips, strategies and proven ways to make more money on eBay and still keep things simple
- How to discover the right eBay business that suits your lifestyle & gives you what you want
- Taking your eBay business to the next level after you find ongoing products to sell
- How & why giving outstanding customer service equals super success on eBay
- How using advanced selling strategies will explode your profits & save you time
- Tips to stay ahead of the competition & dominate your chosen niche
- How to accelerate your growth by finding the right mentor who has blazed the trail before you & succeeded
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