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The Room Outside
Designing outdoor living for older people and people with dementia
Annie Pollock (Author), Colm Cunningham (With) RRP A$32.95 P/B
Publisher: HammondCare Media
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Pub Date: 20180401
BIC: MJND ISBN: 9780994546166
Category: Alzheimer's & dementia Availability: 1-99
Being outside adds to everyone's quality of life but too often this simple joy of living is beyond the reach of older people and people with dementia.
It's time to rethink the buildings we use for providing care, and even our own homes, to ensure there is a readily accessible 'room outside'. The benefits are undeniable-improved health, greater independence and often emotional and spiritual comfort.
The room outside is easy to read, informative and well-researched making it the perfect resource for those seeking to build, design or manage better outdoor spaces, or those wanting to access and advocate for them.
Aged care homes and hospitals have many rooms, but do they have a 'room outside?' They should and they can-and everything needed to make this happen can be found in these pages.
Landscape architect Annie Pollock has written this timely book, having devoted more than 40 years of her life to designing dementia-inclusive outdoor living. She is joined by Associate Professor Colm Cunningham who contributes his extensive expertise on understanding dementia, ageing and evidence-based care approaches.
'Access to garden and outdoors is vital for all of us but especially for older people and people with dementia. That's why I am pleased to see this new book that's full of dementia design principles and practical advice.' Jason Hodges, Landscaper and gardener, Better Homes and Gardens.
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