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The Freaky Series Book 1
Susan Berran (Author) RRP A$14.99 P/B
Publisher: Susan Berran
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Pub Date: 20170601
BIC: YFQ ISBN: 9780980603675
Category: Humorous stories (Children's / Teenage) Availability: 1-99
If it's fun and adventure you're looking for, then this is the book for you!
Sam's life seemed to be heading down the toilet since his little sister, Miss 'I'm sooo good' Smelly Melly Prissy Pants was born.
But in the 'sticks' of Agnath he found a best friend, Jared, a tall skinny redhead with a gazillion freckles.
And when underground tunnels are discovered right below them, it's Sam that encounters the deadly inhabitants.
These adventures are like no other you have ever shared. You'll feel as if you're right there with Sam as he discovers the shocking secret of the tunnels! And his Mum is just as annoying as yours too!
Read how Sam and Jared explore the strange, alien tunnels, while along the way sending the first frog into space using jet-propelled buttocks! Just make sure that you're as brave and daring as he is, before you turn the first page! And watch out for the next exciting book in this series, Toe Jamm'd! You'll wish you were there to join the boys.
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