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The Three Brothers
When George Washington and Edmund Barton sat down to dinner
Stephen E. Marantelli (Author) RRP A$32.99 P/B
Publisher: Waratah North Books
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Pub Date: 20180101
BIC: FV ISBN: 9780648084808
Category: Historical fiction Availability: 100+
History with a mystery.
The Great War is raging. Mysterious circumstances cast an aging George Washington into a strained dinner with Edmund Barton, Australia's canny and pugnacious first prime minister.
The Three Brothers presents an original and witty behind-the-scenes peek into the rough and tumble world of nation building as told by the first captains of the American and Australian Ships of State.
Barrister, author and historian Stephen Marantelli weaves a meticulously researched history of the troubled and similar foundations of the American Republic and Australian Commonwealth into a riveting narrative that reads like a gripping novel filled with fly-on-the-wall vignettes about America and Australia's scrappy, freedom-hungry founding fathers.
A must read for serious political scholars, and a fun romp for curious patriots in both lands.
"A rare gem that brings history to life in a fun, intimate way, yet packed with exhaustive research and fascinating trivia." - R A Peters author of Power Games
"To read this original work of Marantelli is to be wrapped within a cocoon of sustained lucidity out of which emerge two nations, one a heavyweight, the other a bantamweight. His elucidation of the genesis of the American Republic and Australian Commonwealth is at once readable and memorable." - Nicholas Green QC
"Reading The Three Brothers, I thought it was sitting ringside at an arm wrestling championship between the reigning American champion - wearing the red, white and blue - on one side of the table - and the never-say-die challenger from Down Under - wearing the green and yellow - on the other side. Neither gave any quarter." Julie Postance, author of Breaking the Sound Barriers
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